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La Milicia(The Militia) was a stable made in AAA that loosely aligns lower card rudos together. They have an alliance with La Legión Extranjera and Perros del Mal under the La Sociedad banner.

Former Members

In 2011 DTU, Konnan gave Violento Jack a spot in the Milicia. This was never acknowledged in AAA itself and seemed to be ignored in DTU after a while.

Associated Members

  • Dark Dragon (may as well be an official member, but hasn't adopted the uniform of the rest of the group)
  • Mortiz - was an associate until he revealed to be a member of El Consejo
  • Ronin
  • Semental - was an associate until he revealed to be a member of El Consejo

El Brazo was offered membership by Decnnis, but turned it down and was beat up.

Aerostar, Laredo Kid and Super Fly were also offered membership. Laredo turned it down on behalf of the group, though Super Fly seemed to be considering it causing a divide between him and the other members. Super Fly would then join the group after revealing himself as the man who attacked Octagon.

The group, especially the Stones, feuded with Elegido.

La Sociedad
Dorian Roldan
La Legión Extranjera: Konnan - Chessman - Sexi Star - Hijo del Tirantes
TNA: Jeff Jarrett
Perros del Mal: Perro Aguayo Jr. - Daga - Taya Valkyrie