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Toryumon is the name of Ultimo Dragon's professional wrestling school and the associated professional wrestling promotion. The school had dojos both in Mexico and Japan. The school also ran professional wrestling events under the banners of its graduating groups.

The groups were:

  • Toryumon Mexico - First to start back in 1997. Wrestled monthly at some points but typically had irregular shows. It is the only form of Toryumon to still promote in Mexico with the annual DragonMania, Young Dragons Cup and Yamaha Cup shows.
  • Toryumon Japan - Its members use a style almost identical to their teacher and consisted of the first through the fourth classes. The promotion lasted from 1999 until 2004.
  • Toryumon 2000 Project (T2P) - This group used a six sided ring compared to the first group which used four sided rings. Its members used a primarily submission based style called Llave and consisted of the fifth through eighth classes. It lasted from 2002 until 2003 and most talent moved to Toryumon Japan.
  • Toryumon X - More lucha libre based compared to the others and consisted of the ninth through twelfth classes. It lasted from 2003 until 2004 and only one talent(Naoki Tanisaki) moved to Toryumon Japan.

When Ultimo Dragon returned from retirement Takashi Okamura took over as the company head. A day after the fifth anniversary of Toryumon's first event, Ultimo Dragon left the company, taking the name and trademarks with him. Toryumon Japan changed its name to Dragon Gate because of this. Dragon Gate returned all the titles it had promoted as Toryumon Japan to the people that held the belts last before they started promoting them. Shortly after wards the T2P talent and Toryumon X talent who were not picked up were brought into the livedoor owned Dragondoor promotion which was booked by fellow former T2P wrestler Noriaki Kawabata. It also featured Mexican talents like Pentagon, Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Bucanero, Maximo, Xtreme Tiger, Joe Lider and Ultimo Dragon. This would cause it to fail within a year and was quickly replaced with El Dorado, which took all of the Toryumon trained talent from Dragondoor's closure and none of the Mexican talent in favor of wrestlers from the Japanese independent scene. El Dorado would close by the end of 2008 after bleeding money for over two years.

While El Dorado went on, Ultimo Dragon continued the Toryumon Mexico shows with the yearly DragonMania shows, Young Dragon Cup and Yamaha Cup tournaments while a few talents from his newer classes went on to El Dorado(Milanito Collection A.T., Banana Senga and CHANGO), one has moved onto New Japan(Kazuchika Okada), and two have wrestled in CMLL(Hajime Ohara and Pequeno Ninja). Toryumon Mexico currently has a working relationship with Tatsumi Fujinami's Dradition promotion.


Toryumon Japan - 1st Class (Terms 1-4)

~1st Term~
CIMA (Dragon Gate)
Sumo Fuji (Dragon Gate)
Dragon Kid (Dragon Gate)
SUWA (Retired)

~2nd Term~
Genki Horiguchi (Dragon Gate)
Keni'chiro Arai (Dragon Gate)
Stalker Ichikawa(Dragon Gate)
Yasushi Kanda (Dragon Gate)

~3rd Term~
Susumu Yokosuka (Dragon Gate)
Mototsugu Shimizu (unclear after El Dorado folded)

~4th Term~
Ryo Saito (Dragon Gate)
Kinta Tomoaka - Didn't Graduate (Dragon Gate referee)

Toryumon 2000 Project (T2P) - 2nd Class (Terms 5-8)

~5th Term~
Anthony W. Mori (Dragon Gate)
Raimu Mishima (Retired)
Naruki Doi (Dragon Gate)
Taku Iwasa (Dragon Gate)

~6th Term~
Milano Collection AT (New Japan Pro Wrestling)
Kinya Oyanagei (El Dorado)
Junya Fukumasa (Retired)
TAURcito (Retired)
Takuya Murakami (Michinoku Pro)

~7th Term~
Touru Owashi (DDT)
Masato Yoshino (Dragon Gate)
Brother YASSHI (All Japan Pro Wrestling)
Takayuki Yagi/Johnson Florida (referee and part-time wrestler for Dragon Gate)

~8th Term~
Shuji Kondo (All Japan Pro Wrestling)
Jun Ogawauchi (Retired)
Shogo Takagi (Semi-Retired)
Takuya Sugawara (Zero One MAX)
Hisamaru Tajima (Dradition)
Murcielago (Freelancer)

Toryumon X - 3rd Class (Terms 8-12)

~9th Term~
Taiji Ishimori (Pro Wrestling NOAH)
Brahman Shu (Michinoku Pro)
Brahman Kei (Michinoku Pro)
Maguro Ooma (Michinoku Pro)
Shinjitsu Nohashi (Michinoku Pro)
Takeshi Minaminno (Michinoku Pro)
Ken45 (Michinoku Pro)
Kagetora (Michinoku Pro/Dragon Gate)
Rasse (Michinoku Pro)
Lambo Miura (Retired)
Masahiro Takanashi - Didn't Graduate (DDT)

~10th Term~
Naoki Tanisaki (Dragon Gate)
Bear Fukuda (El Dorado)

~11th Term~
various gimmicks (Freelance)
Saito Masuda - Never Debuted
Amigo Suzuki (Toryumon Mexico/Dradition)
Passion Hasegawa (Toryumon Mexico)

~12th Term~
Spark Aoki (unclear after El Dorado folded)
GALLARDO/119 Katayama Taiin (Retired)
KONDO & CO (Retired)
Shodai TARUcito - Never Wrestled (Retired)

Toryumon Mexico - 4th Class (Classes 13-?)

~13th Term~"Lost Class"
Hiromi Horiguchi (Toryumon Mexico/ Dradition)
Hayato Fujita (Michinoku Pro)
Tsutomu Oosugi/Milanito Collection A.T./Rei (Michinoku Pro)
Banana Senga/Hercules Oosenga (Michinoku Pro)
Kanjyuuro Matsuyama (Osaka Pro/Michinoku Pro)
Hajime Ohara (Toryumon Mexico/Dradition)
Kazuchika Okada (New Japan Pro Wrestling)
CHANGO (El Dorado)

~14th Class~
Pequeno Ninja (CMLL/Dradition)
Daisuke Hanaoka (Toryumon Mexico/Dradition)
Brian Lee (Toryumon Mexico)
Satoshi Kajiwara (Toryumon Mexico/Dradition)

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