Último Vampiro

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Multiple wrestlers have used this gimmick [1].

  • Negro Navarro: Used this identity for a brief period in the mid-late '90s.
  • The wrestler who would become Guardia
  • Último Vampiro I: The most well known version of the gimmick which first appeared in 1999. Became the second Super Mega in 2000.
  • Meanwhile the Ultimo Vampiro gimmick had been given to Super Mega I and this one still uses it in the independent scene, he also used the identity of Principe Calavera. He also went on to unmask Super Mega II, former user of his gimmick, in Castillo del Terror 2000. He was the most successful of the Ultimo Vampiros unmasking also Oficial, Guardia, Enterrador and Anticristo.
  • Último Vampiro II: Took over the gimmick in early 2002 as the previous Ultimo Vampiro left IWRG and began a legal battle to keep the name. Lost his mask to El Hijo de Anibal.