Negro Navarro

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Negro Navarro
Negro Navarro
Name Negro Navarro
Real name Miguel Calderón Navarro
Nicknames El Misionero de la Muerte, El Maestro, EL MVP de los independientes
Name history La Bestia (debut), Negro Navarro (after debut - ), El Chupacabras (IWRG, 05/08/96 - ??), Último Vampiro (original, ?? - 08/97)
Family Apolo Navarro & Drako (brothers), Trauma I & Trauma II (sons)
Maestro(s) Florentino Martínez
Birth date, location June 12, 1957 - Azcapotzalco, Mexico City
Obituary date
Debut, location June 12, 1975
Lost mask to
Height 5'9"/175 cms
Weight 198 lbs/90 kg
Signature moves La Espectrina, La Magistral, La Cerrajera, La Navarra
Titles: Mexico State Lightweight Title, UWA World Trios Titles (7, w/ El Signo & El Texano three times, w/ El Signo & Black Power II twice, w/ El Signo & Rocky Santana twice), UWA World Junior Light Heavyweight Title, UWA World Junior Heavyweight Title, NWG Intercontinental Championship, Americas Light Heavyweight Championship (2), IWRG Intercontinental Tag Team Championship (w/Trauma I), FLLM Masters Championship (2), FILL Maestros Championship, CMLL Arena Coliseo Tag Team Championship (w/ Black Terry)
Wrestling Observer Hall Of Fame Member


El Toreo trios star as part of Los Missioneros De La Muerte who's become a living (and wrestling) embodiment of that era in his later years. Grew up in Azcapotzalco. He was a lucha libre fan since very young. Wrestled briefly masked as La Bestia. He did not like the mask and then decided to go as Negro Navarro. "Negro" was due to his color skin; actually a commercial nickname. Began wrestling in small arenas. He developed at the old Arena Naucalpan, A K.O. Al Gusto; where he became a main eventer and go with certainly notable luchadores. In 1978 he joined to the roster of Francisco Flores as opener. Now a popular independent luchador doing "classic" lucha libre matches. In his debut at Palacio de los Deportes met one lf his most notable rivals, Brazo de Oro. Navarro has built enough of a name up that he doesn't need to stick in one promotion long, but turns up in IWRG most often. At first, they were almost always against Solar I and almost always to a draw, but has since expanded to doing similar matches facing many different wrestlers of his era. Also teams with his sons, Trauma I and Trauma II.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
1977/??/?? hairs Javier Llanes & Castorcito Negro Navarro & Bulldog Morgan Naucalpan, Mexico State
1978/03/28 hair Tawa Vera Negro Navarro Cuautitlán
1978/07/04 hair Negro Navarro Rafaga Moreno Cuautitlán
1978/12/10 hair Negro Navarro Chucho Segura Pachuca
1979/02/28 hair Negro Navarro Pepe Casas Arena Xochimilco
79/12/02 hair Negro Navarro Lobo Rubio Toreo de Cuatro Caminos
1979/12/? hair El Vagabundo Negro Navarro Toreo de Cuatro Caminos
??/??/?? hair Solar Negro Navarro unknown
??/??/?? hair El Cobarde II Negro Navarro unknown
88/??/?? hair MS-1 Negro Navarro unknown
??/??/?? hair Negro Navarro Pepe Casas unknown
??/??/?? mask Negro Navarro Roller Arena Coliseo - Guadalajara, Jalisco
??/??/?? hair Negro Navarro El Brazo Arena San Juan Pantitlán - Neza, Mexico State
81/06/07 hair Gran Hamada, Enrique Vera & Kobayashi El Signo, El Texano & Negro Navarro El Toreo - Naucalpan, Mexico State
82/06/13 hair El Signo, El Texano & Negro Navarro Takano, Saito & Kobayashi Arena México - Mexico City
83/05/27 hair Perro Aguayo Negro Navarro Auditorio de Tijuana - Tijuana, Baja California
86/09/05 hairs El Signo, El Texano & Negro Navarro El Dandy, Talismán & Jerry Estrada Arena México - Mexico City
86/09/19 hair Ringo Mendoza, Americo Rocca & Tony Salazar El Signo, El Texano & Negro Navarro Arena México - Mexico City
91/??/?? hairs Flama Roja & El Cobarde II El Signo & Negro Navarro Ciudad Juárez
91/06/02 hair Perro Aguayo Negro Navarro El Toreo - Naucalpan, Mexico State
97/07/20 hair Negro Navarro Renegado Toreo de Cuatro Caminios
99/02/01 hair Tony Rivera Negro Navarro Arena Puebla - Puebla, Puebla
01/06/01 hair Negro Navarro Brazo de Oro Arena San Juan Pantitlán - Neza, Mexico State
01/09/03 hair El Dandy Negro Navarro Arena López Mateos - Tlalnepantla, Mexico State
2002/11/29 hair (2) Justiciero Negro Navarro Arena Coliseo - Coacalco, Mexico State
2003/03/23 hair Cuchillo Negro Navarro Arena Nueva Aragón - Mexico City
03/06/29 hair Rocky Santana Negro Navarro Arena López Mateos - Tlalnepantla, Mexico State
05/11/20 hair (2) Pierroth II Negro Navarro Auditorio Municipal Tizayuca, Hidlago
(1) Triangle match w/ Andy Barrow; (2) 7 man Cage Match


Los Misioneros de la Muerte: Negro Navarro, Texano & El Signo punish to Tony Salazar
March 04 2007 in Coliseo Coacalco
as NWG Champ
as El Chupacabras
en IWRG Arena Naucalpan
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