Jun Ogawauchi

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Jun Ogawauchi
Jun Ogawauchi
Name Jun Ogawauchi
Real name
Name history Jun Ogawauchi (debut - 2003, 2009 - current), Jun (2003 - 2004)
Maestro(s) Ultimo Dragon. Skyade
Birth date, location January 11, 1979
Obituary date
Debut, location May 18, 2001
Lost mask to
Signature moves Onifuusha, Samurai Lock, Tsumuji
Titles: British Commonwealth Junior Heavyweight Championship

Debuted during the T2P era of Toryumon. Wrestled in Mexico through 2004 when he was sidelined with an injury that retired him. Returned to pro-wrestling as a ring announcer for El Dorado in 2006 before returning to in-ring action in 2009 with other Toryumon graduates and El Dorado trainees in Secret Base.