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Current Champion

Gallo Extreme, 16th Champion

Gallo Extreme is the current champion, he won the title November 3, 2023 in Auditorio de Tijuana.

History of the Championship

The championship was decided in the opener of the July 2015 show.

This championship is considered a lesser championship than the The Crash Cruiserweight Championship and has been primarily disputed between local wrestlers. The Cruiserweight championship has been defended more regularly on shows in 2016, and the Junior title hasn't appeared on the promotion's shows since February 2016.

Astrolux was the 8th champion. He won the championship by defeating Tiago, Latigo, Rayo Star & Torito Negro on March 17, 2018 at Auditorio de Tijuana, Tijuana, Baja California.

X-Peria became the 9th champion. He defeated Rayo Star, Torito Negro and Tiago on November 3, 2018 to win the championship.

Tiago was the 10th champion. He defeated X-Peria on May 26, 2019 to win the championship.

Terror Azteca was the 11th champion, he won the vacant title on November 1, 2019 in Auditorio de Tijuana.

Dinámico was the 12th champion, he defeated Terror Azteca & Demonio del Aire on February 22, 2020 in Auditorio de Tijuana.

Ovett Jr. was the 13th champion, he won the title November 5, 2021 in Auditorio de Tijuana.

Próximo was the 14th champion, he won the title July 1, 2022 in Auditorio de Tijuana.

Champions Listing

# Champion(s) Defeated Date Location
decision match for the first champion
1 Star Dragón Enigma
Mosco Negro
Black Boy (Tijuana)
2015.07.03 Auditorio de Tijuana
1 Black Danger 2015.08.16 Nueva Arena Tijuana
2 Mirage 2015.10.02 Auditorio de Tijuana
2 Mirage Black Danger 2015.10.11 Nueva Arena Tijuana
3 Black Boy (Tijuana) Mirage
Séptimo Dragón
2016.02.12 Auditorio de Tijuana
1 Fantastik 2016.03.13 Nueva Arena Tijuana
2 Mirage 2016.04.24 Nueva Arena Tijuana
4 Black Danger (Tijuana) Black Boy (Tijuana) 2016.07.24 Nueva Arena Tijuana
1 Mirage
2016.08.14 El Perro Salado, Tijuana, Baja California
2 Jonathan 2016.10.09 Gimnasio Independencia, Tijuana, Baja California
5 Arkangel Divino Black Danger (Tijuana) 2017.01.21 Auditorio de Tijuana
1 Látigo 2017.06.02 Auditorio de Tijuana, Tijuana, Baja California
2[1] Latigo
2017.06.03 Gimnasio Mariano Matamoros
3 Skalibur
Black Danger
2017.09.09 Arena Nacionalista - Mexicali, Baja California
4 Astrolux
Último Maldito
Black Boy
2017.11.04 Auditorio de Tijuana, Tijuana, Baja California
6 Black Boy [2] Arcángel Divino 2017.12.25 Rancho Grande - Tijuana, Baja California
1 Mega Danger 2018.02.08 Gilt Nightclub - Orlando, Florida, USA
Championship vacated on March 17, 2018 when Black Boy does not appear for title defense. Decision match to crown new champion.
7 Astrolux Tiago
Rayo Star
Torito Negro
2018.03.17 Auditorio de Tijuana - Tijuana, Baja California
1 Aramis 2018.04.28 Arena San Juan Pantitlán - Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico State
8 Torito Negro Astrolux 2018.05.20 Palenque de Tlaxcala - Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala
1 Tiago
2018.06.30 Palenque de Tlaxcala - Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala
9 X-Peria Tiago
Rayo Star
Torito Negro
2018.11.03 Auditorio de Tijuana, Tijuana, Baja California
1 El Talibán 2018.12.01 Auditorio de Tijuana
10 Tiago X-Peria 2019.05.26 Arena Big Punch - Tijuana, Baja California
Championship vacated when Tiago signed with AAA. TLC match to crown new champion.
11 Terror Azteca Baby Extreme
2019.11.01 Auditorio de Tijuana
1 Baby Extreme
Máscara Oriental
2019.11.23 Auditorio de Tijuana
12 Dinámico Demonio del Aire
Terror Azteca
2020.02.22 Auditorio de Tijuana
13 Ovett Jr. Dinámico
Terror Azteca
2021.11.05 Auditorio de Tijuana
14 Próximo Ovett Jr. 2022.07.01 Auditorio de Tijuana
15 Anubis Próximo
Aster Boy
2023.03.24 Auditorio de Tijuana
1 Gallo Extreme 2023.06.02 Auditorio de Tijuana
16 Gallo Extreme Anubis
Rey Furia
Noisy Boy
El Rey
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