Pantera Negra

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Pantera Negra
[[Image:|275px|Pantera Negra]]
Name Pantera Negra
Real name José de Jesus Guzmán Huerta
Name history Pantera Negra
Family Santo, Black Guzman, Jimmy Guzman (brothers), El Hijo Del Santo (nephew), Axxel (grandnephew); see The Family of El Santo
Maestro(s) Enrique Ugartechea
Birth date, location September 2, 1912 - Tulancingo, Hidalgo
Obituary date August 12, 1934 (aged 21)
Debut, location 1933
Lost mask to
Signature moves


José de Jesús Guzmán Huerta also known as Pantera Negra was the older brother of Black Guzmán, Jimmy Guzmán, and El Santo. Died on August 12, 1934 during a match in the Arena Roldand in Puebla. There was confusing information surrounding this tragedy. The local newspapers did not cover pro wrestling events, but they did dedicate a front page article to what happened. However, it is assumed that the journalist was not present, since he believed it had been a boxing match. This is because Roland organized both boxing and wrestling events, and also events with both disciplines. An actual eyewitness would have written the event with the trauma and horrified after witnessing something like that. Later, the daily rectified what actually happened. They mentioned an investigation about the wrestler's demise. On August 26, the Arena Roland held a benefit show for Pantera Negra.

It is said that due to Pantera's death the mother of the Guzman brothers, Doña Josefa didn't want her sons in wrestling. For that reason Rodolfo decided to don a mask. It is hard to tell this statement was true, because the future Santo wrestled unmasked during the first two years of career. While Black Guzman never used a mask. Jimmy, on the other hand, trained with Ugartechea and joined to his in Mexico City.