Enrique Ugartechea

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Enrique Ugartechea
Enrique Ugartechea
Name Enrique Ugartechea
Real name Enrique Ugartechea
Nicknames "Mexico's Stongest Man"
Name history Enrique Ugartechea
Birth date, location July 29, 1881 - Xalapa, Veracruz[1]
Obituary date November 9, 1963
Debut, location
Lost mask to
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Enrique Ugartechea was one of the pioneers of Lucha Libre. When he was 13 he saw Romulus, a strongman and wrestler as an inspiration. He was representative of the brand Spalding in Mexico and known as "Mexico's Strongest Man". Spalding knew that Ugartechea was one of the most famous sportsmen in México and professional wrestler, he invited him to take part of the judges of olympic wrestling for St. Louis World's Fair. He traveled in different places around the world. He combined elements of Greco-Roman with Olympic wrestling giving basis to what would become in Lucha Libre.[2] He had two notable matches with his idol Romulus and won one of them. He was the first in inaugurate a gymnasium to train professional wrestlers. He made tours all over México.


picture from archivo Casasola