Panter- (disambugation)

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Many luchadors have used names like Pantera or Panterita.

  • Pantera
    • Pantera, the wrestler once known as Pantera II, is the recently unmasked CMLL and IWRG wrestler. He's the most well known of those using this name.
    • Pantera I
    • Pantera (AAA) was a short lived stab by AAA to claim ownership of the name.
  • Panterita
    • Panterita in the mid 1990's portrayed by the current Octagoncito.
    • Panterita (CMLL) replaced him in CMLL
    • Formerly masked IWRG undercarder Panterita is now unmasked as Free Lance.
    • a newer wrestler took over the name Panterita around 2013