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this is the most recent Octagoncito in AAA; the pre-1997 Octagoncito may be the person using this name currently on independent shows


Mini Rey Misterio
Mini Rey Misterio
Name Mini Rey Misterio
Real name
Name history Zakurita (?), Panterita (1995), La Parkita (II; 03/1996 - 03/1997), Octagoncito (03/1997 - 2017), Mini Rey Misterio (2017 - )
Family Lady Sensacion (wife), Chico Malo I (father-in-law), Chico Malo I Jr. I, Chico Malo Jr. II (brother-in-laws)
Maestro(s) Medico Asesino, Chucho Monroy, Cecilio Soriano, Halcon Star, El Guerrero [1]
Birth date, location April 23, 1972 - Martinez de la Torre, Veracruz
Obituary date
Debut, location 1995
Lost mask to
Height 147 cm/4'10"
Weight 62 kgs/137 lbs
Signature moves springboard moonsault plancha, springboard tornillo plancha, La Cruceta, La Escalera (Russian Legsweep into armbar submission), La Jarocha (spinning over his opponent's back armdrag)
Titles: AAA World Minis Championship,Mexican National Mini's Title [2], Veracruz Mini's Title

Long time talented AAA mini tecnico.

His first match was in 1995, but he'd been trying to get into the business as early as 1990. He couldn't afford traning for years, then spent two years learning before his first match.

Told Dos de Tres that Antonio Pena planned to retire the La Parkita character when the original La Parka left the company, and Pena told him he'd join the Cadetes del Espacio as Venum. However, he ran into Octagon on his way out of the meeting, told him about the change, and Octagon brought him back to Pena, asking that he become Octagoncito instead.

Changed his name to Mini Rey Misterio after leaving AAA in June 2017.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? mask Octagoncito Humberto Tenorio ?
??/??/?? mask Octagoncito Guerrerito 2000 ?
??/??/?? mask Octagoncito American Crazzy ?
1997/07/28 mask (1) Octagoncito Espectrito II Centro de Convenciones - Cd. Madero, Tamps.
2005/03/11 mask Octagoncito Mini Psicosis Centro de Convenciones - Cd. Madero, Tamps.
2005/08/17 hair Octagoncito El Indomable Veracruz
2005/08/20 hair Octagoncito Mini Psicosis Morelos
(1) Relevos Suicidas vs La Parkita/Mini Siniestro
  1. Dos de Tres Feb-10


as Zakurita
as Panterita
as La Parkita
as Octagoncito
As Mini Rey Misterio