Caudillo II

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Caudillo II
Caudillo II
Name Caudillo II
Real name Manuel Hernández Flores
Name history Manuel Hernandez (debut), Saeta Azul, Caudillo II (1960s - retirement)
Family Príncipe Negro , Hormiga Atomica (Baja California), Caudillo Jr. (sons) Príncipe Negro Jr., Rey Negro (grandsons), Princesa Hernández (granddaughter),Deja Vu, Prinxipe (great-grandsons)
Maestro(s) Barick Rivers
Birth date, location July 17, 1935 - Zitácuaro, Michoacan
Obituary date February 26, 2010
Debut, location 1960s
Lost mask to
Signature moves Dropkick
Titles: Baja California Tag Team Championship (w/Turock)


In Ring Career

Manuel Hernandez, El Caudillo was the patriarch of the Hernandez Dinasty which includes his sons Príncipe Negro Sr, Caudillo Jr., Hormiga Atomica, his grandsons Príncipe Negro Jr. and Rey Negro and his great-grandsons Deja Vu, and Prinxipe. He was born in Zitacuaro, Michocan he married with Rosa Reyes Baez at the age of 17 and 18 respectively, they moved to Mexicali.

He began his wrestling career in 1960s. He was trained by Barick River in the now disappeared Palacio Municipal at Reforma Avenue in Mexicali, Baja California. In that place was located the Police Academy. He met Barick while he was training a group at the gymnasium which was on the second floor and asked for the training fee. Barick's response that there was no charge he only had to show willingness for learn. Manuel Hernandez showed a lot of discipline in everyday of training. He was one of the first to show up.

He began his wrestling career under his real name Manuel Hernandez. Barick River suggested several ring names to him until they chose the name of El Caudillo. His early presentations were all over Baja California and Sonora.

In 1971 there was a match between Manuel Hernandez agaisnt Panterita Negra televised by Canal 3 the local television channel of Mexicali.

During 1970s his Tag Team partner was absent for one show. Panterita Negra was there willing to take that place, but he did not have his wrestling gear. Caudillo lended one of his outfits and they were presented as Los Hermanos Caudillos.

Barick River saw them during one date in San Luis and told them: "Here they are the Caudillo brothers."

For some reason Panterita went as Caudillo I and Manuel Hernandez became Caudillo in spite of being actually the first who used the name and the mask. Nevertheless, they did not have any issue.


As Trainer

Besides of being one of the most notable luchadors in Baja California he was also a Trainer who left the largest wrestling school in Mexicali. The list of wrestlers trained by him include: Caudillo Jr., Principe Negro Jr. (Mexicali), Rey Negro, Furia Roja, Dr. Tirano, Pequeño Dragon, Rey Azteca, Guerrero Rojo, Luminoso, Angel Mensajero, Skalibur, American Rebel, and more.

He is regarded by his trainees for his almost military discipline and a genious in Olympic Wrestling. Once he grabbed his opponent with a hold, it was almost impossible to escape.


He was the founding father of one of the wrestling arenas in Mexicali with more History and tradition. After being unfairly fired from Arena Coliseo even after being a founding member and being a great draw for the Arena. He told Rafael Rebelin and Lorenzo Garcia that he will promote wrestling events on his own. He decided to buy two lots on what is known as Colonia Nacionalista. On 1989 he founded Arena Nacionalista along with his sons Príncipe Negro Sr, Caudillo Jr, and his daughter. He named the Arena after the colonia's (neighborhood) name.

He was recognized in multiple times as promoter of year. By the mayor of Mexicali and the former governor of Baja California.

There is a memorial event each year at Arena Nacionalista in his honor.


Mexicali Hall of the Fame

  • Class 2021 - Posthumous Award

Luchas de Apuestas Record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? hair Caudillo II Tigre Zuñiga Mexicali, Baja California
??/??/?? mask Caudillo II Cimarron Negro Nogales, Sonora


father and sons
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receiving a recognition as promoter by the former governor of Baja California, Eugenio Elourdy
receiving a recognition as promoter of the year
Awarded with the Arena Coliseo Cup
Arena Coliseo Cups

1982 with his son Caudillo Jr.
teaming up with El Murciélago against Lore Garcia
Taking down Tigre Zuñiga

with the Baja California Lightheavyweight Champion Turock as Baja California Tag Team Champions
with Anubis
Los Hermanos Caudillos He is the one of the right

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Manuel Hernandez