Los Temerarios

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Los Temerarios were a UWA team comprised of:

The look was inspired by the Mad Max movies. Terry, Feliciano and Rubio were the original team, with Shu el Guerrero taking Rubio's spot (though all four teamed up on occasion.)

The trio had started out as three unmasked luchadors, but would finish as three masked ones. Feliciano and Terry would don masks as Guerrero del Futuro and Guerrero Maya to reform the trio in CMLL.

Jose Luis Feliciano retired to a CMLL office job in the 2000s, but Guerrero and Terry will occasionally team with other luchadors of their era (like Scorpio Jr.) as unofficial Temerarios. The name has also been used in IWRG a couple times as Los Nuevo Temerarios.

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