Los Nuevos Temerarios

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A stable based off of the old Los Temerarios, started in 2011.

First Version

In the great tradition of IWRG characters, the new trio (Durok, Freeyser, and Machin) was given a big debut and then were lost to the win in a few months. Freeyser, who had been wrestling unmasked as Fresero Jr. prior to taking on this character and still unmasked as a Temerario, just reverted back to being Fresero Jr. The two masked men, Durok and Machin, were just not mentioned after September 2011.

Second Version

Long running rudo (and youth lucha libre trainer) Bombero Infernal switched his name to Temerario Infernal in spring 2012 and started teaming with Black Terry. The new trio was completed with young masked undercard rudo Alan Extreme being added in August of that year.