Flecha II

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Name Flecha
Real name Alberto Hernandez Blanco
Name history Predicador, Flecha
Family three brothers (one works as El Predicador)
Maestro(s) Robin Hood, Skayde (gave him the gimmick), Memo Diaz, Negro Casas
Birth date, location Janurary 5, 1971 in Mexico City
Obituary date n/a
Debut, location April, 1993
Lost mask to Stuka Jr., April 2nd, 2006 - Arena Coliseo, Mexico City
Height 5'6" (1.68m)
Weight 180 pounds (82 kg)
Signature moves La Flechecita, running double springboard elbowdrop

Source: el halcon net #56 [1]


Flecha was an opening card tecnico on CMLL's main Mexico City cards from 1996 until February 12, 2002 when he turned on his partner Sombra De Plata during a trios match. After losing his mask to Stuka Jr. in April 2006, Flecha no longer appeared in Arena Coliseo DF or Arena Mexico. In a post match interview, he promised to rebound from his mask loss and there was no indication of an injury, so the situation is a bit of a mystery.

When he was wrestling more regularly in CMLL, Flecha would teamed with Super Comando and Artillero, dressing in military garb to fit with his partners.

Flecha II is always called Flecha. He's listed as Flecha II to distingush him from Skayde, who was the first Flecha, trained him and gave him the rights to the gimmick.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
06/04/02 mask Stuka Jr. Flecha II Arena Coliseo- Mexico City
07/07/28 hair Sombra de Plata Flecha II Plaza de la Unidad del PRI - Estado de Mexico
? hair Tiger Kid Flecha II ?
2010.11.19 hair/mask (1) Flecha II drew Vampiro Negro, both lose Deportivo Agustin Millan - Toluca
(1) final of a ruleta rusa w/Estrunedo, Canelo Casas, Damian el Inmortal, Emperador, Principe, Destroyer - Flecha lost his hair, Vampiro lost his mask


after losing his mask