Dark Warrior

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Dark Warrior
Dark Warrior
Name Dark Warrior
Real name
Name history Dark Demon (amateur), Dark Warrior (current)
Maestro(s) Príncipe Negro, Bobby Martinez, Inmortal, Renegado, Luminoso, Angel Mensajero, Mr. Tempest, Iron Boy, Black Shadow Jr. II
Birth date, location Mexicali, Baja California
Obituary date
Debut, location March 16, 2014 - Arena Coliseo Mexicali, Baja California
Lost mask to
Height 160 cm
Weight 70 kg
Signature moves



Mexicali based rudo since 2014. His mother and grandfather always watched Lucha Libre on TV and he liked a lot. He had an uncle who trained at Arena Nacionalista and he took him to a local event. He saw Hormiga Atomica who used to give little cast figures as souvenirs and he received one and decided to keep it. Since then he had the idea of training Lucha Libre. The first place he went to train was at Arena Coliseo Mexicali with Bobby Martinez. Trained for almost ten years to become professional, because he had to time issues related with his job. Each time he came back to his training, he met different trainers. At some point he wrestled with a group of friends. He made a mask and named himself as Dark Demon. When Arena Coliseo Mexicali closed for a while and he continued his training in Arena Mexicali with Iron Boy until his debut. Iron Boy and him discussed about the ringname that he would use. Iron proposed the name Dark Warrior which was used for a short period by Chabelo. There were plans for a trio with Last Warrior and Ice Warrior, but the idea was scraped when Ice Warrior left. Before his debut he also did some exhibition matches.

Debut and Early Days

His professional debut was on March 16, 2014 at Arena Coliseo Mexicali in an event that was part of El Dandy Retirement Tour. He received feedback from both, El Dandy y El Satanico before his match. His debut match was a singles match against Máscara Aérea. He was part of the group of Los Bad Boys leaded by Paniko.

Independent Wrestler

Besides of the local Arenas in Mexicali, Arena Coliseo Mexicali, Arena Nacionalista and Arena Mexicali he had participated in the South of California were IV Lucha and VWE in which had a rivalry with Zama and Mr. Wright. He wrestles more frecuently at Arena Nacionalista and Parque El Centenario.

He is a natural rudo who likes to make the crowds go mad with his sarcasm, even if he is presented as a tecnico he is still messing with people. He has a longtime feud with Thunder Kid. Both had this rivalry since the beginning of their careers and both belong to different wrestling schools and promotions. Both went in a singles match in a singles match in the Wrestling Event Guerra de Empresas of Mucha Lucha 2 Thunder Kid represented 126f Pro Wrestling and Mr. Tempest Professional Wrestling School and Dark Warrior represented Arena Mexicali and Iron Boy Wrestling School. Since then they had series of matches at singles, tag team, mixed, trios and more. As of May 2018, Dark Warrior and Esquizofrenia had protagonized series of matches against Thunder Kid and Matrix. Both went into the finals of the Centenario Tag Team Tournament which the rudos won. After that match both tag teams went into a bloody Super Libre which was won by the tecnicos.


Notable Matches

Date Location Match
25/03/18 Arena Nacionalista - Mexicali Galáctico, Kamik-C & Skalibur defeated Thunder Kid, Dark Warrior & Tempestad Guerrera Jr. in a trios match.


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early days
with Shinobi
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Los Bad Boys
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Los Bad Boys
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