El Dandy Retirement Tour

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El Dandy Retirement Tour was a series of matches that ran in 2014 between El Dandy and Satánico as part of El Dandy's end of active wrestling career. The tour began on January 17 in Auditorio De Tijuana with the promotion Baja Star's Wrestling. The tour continued between both wrestlers around of several arenas in Mexico, taking the final date on May 30 in Arena Querétaro. On May 18 in Arena El Ángel of Reynosa, El Dandy defeated El Satánico in a Hair vs Hair Match. This match was the sixth lucha de apuesta between them, taking four wins to El Dandy and only two wins to El Satánico.

Dates / Results

Result Date Venue Location Notes
Loss January 17 Auditorio De Tijuana Tijuana, Baja California Start of the tour
Win February 9 Arena Coliseo Monterrey Monterrey, Nuevo Leon  
Win March 3 Arena Cuatro Caminos Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas
Win March 16 Arena Coliseo Mexicali Mexicali, Baja California  
N/A March 29 Unidad Deportiva Acapulco Acapulco, Guerrero Canceled
Win April 13 Arena El Ángel Reynosa, Tamaulipas
Loss April 27 Arena López Mateos Tlalnepantla, Mexico State  
Loss May 17 Arena San Juan Pantitlán Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico State  
Win May 18 Arena El Ángel Reynosa, Tamaulipas Hair vs Hair Match
Win May 30 Arena Querétaro Queretaro, Queretaro End of the tour


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