CMLL World Trios Tournament, 1997

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When Hector Garza jumped to AAA, he was one-third of the CMLL World Trios Champions, along with Dos Caras and La Fiera. As usual in these situations, CMLL stripped the champions of their belts and eventually held a tournament to declare a new champion.

The tournament was held at Arena Mexico on 1997.03.21. It featured eight teams, and all matches occured the same day.

Teams included in the tournament.

  1. Steel, Foreign Exchange, Miguel Perez Jr.
  2. Shocker, Brazo de Plata, Brazo de Oro
  3. Dr. Wagner Jr., Black Warrior, Apolo Dantes
  4. Negro Casas, Mr. Niebla, El Dandy
  5. Atlantis, Rayo de Jalisco Jr., Lizmark
  6. El Hijo del Santo, Bestia Salvaje, Scorpio Jr.
  7. Emilio Charles Jr., Satanico, Rey Bucanero
  8. Tsubasa, Shinobi, Ultraman Jr.

former champions Dos Caras and La Fiera did not particpate.

Shocker------------                    |
                                       |Dr. Wagner Jr.----- 
Dr. Wagner Jr.-----                    |                   |
                   |Dr. Wagner Jr.-----                    |
Negro Casas--------                                        |Satanico
                                                           |Emilio Charles Jr.
Atlantis-----------                                        |Rey Bucanero
                   |Atlantis-----------                    |
El Hijo del Santo--                    |                   |
                                       |Emilio Charles Jr.-
Emilio Charles Jr.-                    |
                   |Emilio Charles Jr.-

Satanico, Emilio Charles Jr., and Rey Bucanero held onto the belts only for six weeks.