CMLL Arena Coliseo Tag Team Tournament, 2010

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On September 22, 2010, CMLL announced a 16 team tournament to determine challengers to current CMLL Arena Coliseo Tag Team Champions Stuka Jr. & Fuego. The tournament included 16 teams and would take place over the course of October. All matches but one were to be held in Arena Coliseo.

October 3: Block A (8 teams)
October 10: Block B (8 teams)
October 17: Winners of Block A vs Winners of Block B - match took place in Arena Mexico
October 24: Winners of tournament vs Stuka Jr. & Fuego

The championships had been inactive for a long stretch of time before the tournament, and Fuego & Stuka had not been teaming often until the tournament was announced.

Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Final
 Skandalo & Nitro W  
 Angel Azteca Jr. & Guerrero Maya      Skandalo & Nitro  
 Angel de Plata & Angel de Oro W    Angel de Plata & Angel de Oro W    
 Artillero & Super Comando        Angel de Plata & Angel de Oro W  
 Pegasso & Rey Cometa W        Euforia & Nosferatu  
 Escorpion & Durango Kid      Pegasso & Rey Cometa
 Molotov & Sensei    Euforia & Nosferatu W      
 Euforia & Nosferatu W        Angel de Plata & Angel de Oro
 Tiger Kid & Puma King        Diamante & Delta W
 Leono & Fabian el Gitano W      Leono & Fabian el Gitano  
 Cancerbero & Raziel W    Cancerbero & Raziel W  
 Metalico & Starman        Cancerbero & Raziel
 Diamante & Delta W        Diamante & Delta W  
 Dr. X & Hooligan      Diamante & Delta W
 Astro Boy & Trueno    Loco Max & Virus  
 Loco Max & Virus W