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Bobby Martinez
Bobby Martinez
Name Bobby Martinez
Real name Roberto Martinez Ruiz
Name history Bobby Martinez
Family The Raider (son), Batichica (daughter), Tronx, Hijo de Rey Misterio (grandsons), Cholo Garcia (son-in-law)
Maestro(s) Barick Rivers, Zorro Plateado
Birth date, location August 5, 1938 - Mexicali, Baja California
Obituary date May 29, 2021 (aged 82)
Debut, location May 1, 1953 - Parque de Softball Mexicali, Mexicali, Baja California
Lost mask to
Signature moves Dropkick, Topes
Titles: Baja California Lightweight Championship, Mexican National Lightweight Title (unlisted)


Legendary wrestler from Mexicali, Baja California, son of the olympic wrestler Joe Martinez. The family traditon had been continued with his children The Raider, and Batichica; his grandsons Tronx, and D'Luxe.


He was born on August 5, 1938 in Mexicali, Baja California. His maestros were Barick River and Zorro Plateado. Debuted on May 1, 1953 at the age of 15 in Mexicali Softball Field, later known as Zurdo Flores Softball Field.

He was Baja California Lightweight Champion from 1957 until 1959. On 1962, he won a national lightweight title. He has wrestled in all the arenas of Mexicali of his time such as Arena Pueblo Nuevo, Arena Coliseo Mexicali, Gimnasio de Mexicali, and more.

During 1955 he made a tour at Manzanillo Bay. In his years of career, he journeyed through Mexico.

As Trainer

Don Bobby is of the most prominent lucha libre trainers in Mexicali. He was head trainer of Arena Coliseo Mexicali for more than 20 years. The list of wrestlers he trained would be one of the longest and most notable trainees along with Caudillo II. Basically most aspiring wrestlers in Mexicali started their lucha libre career were trained by Martínez, Caudillo II and/or Príncipe Negro.

Among those who were trained by Bobby Martínez were Angel Diablo, Batichica, Centella, Chango Asesino, Corsario Negro, Cuervo Infernal, Dark Warrior, D'Luxe, El Peluche, Fly Boy, Matrix, Navitt,Ñoño, Oziel, Pzayko, Rey Tortura, Tempestad Guerrera I, Tempestad Guerrera Jr., Hijo de Tempestad Guerrera, Tirano, Tronx, Vaquero Jr., and Voltron


Mexicali Hall of the Fame

  • Class 2021

Luchas de Apuestas Record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? mask Bobby Martinez Canaima II unknown
??/??/?? mask Bobby Martinez Huracan Castro unknown
??/??/?? mask Bobby Martinez Cruz Diablo unknown
??/??/?? hair Bobby Martinez Gran Canibal unknown
??/??/?? hair Bobby Martinez Jose El Hermoso unknown


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