AAA Lucha Capital Tournament, 2018

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Promotional poster.

The AAA Lucha Capital Tournament was a professional wrestling tournament held by Lucha Libre AAA World Wide (AAA). It was done in conjunction with Facebook though their plataform Facebook Watch, which aired on live all the matches that took place in the tournament. The debut episode took place on October 31, 2018 at Pinche Gringo Barbecue out of Mexico City.


Originally, the promotion announced 24 wrestlers would take part of the tournament. The scoring system consists on get three points per victory, and zero points per loss, not indicating what would happen if a match ends in a draw, or if any match needs an actual winner. The first three dates would be part of the Like Phase, while next three would be part of the Follower Phase. The winners of first two stages will ensure a spot in the Final Phase. Wrestlers who only won one of their two matches will ensure a spot in Fan Phase, that is scheduled to take place on December 12.

At Fan Phase will wrestle all those who have won at least one match. This stage is scheduled to be featured by five matches. The Final Phase will take place on December 19. There will be held the First Round Matches of the tournament, featured by all those who previously were placed into the finals. The First Round will consist in four three way matches in order to get four semifinalits. The semifinals will be two one-on-one matches, and the winners of that matches will be faced off in the finals of tournament.


Next are listed wrestlers who originally were announced as participants in the tournament.


Logo of tournament.

Episode 1 (10/31)

Episode 2 (11/07)

Episode 3 (11/14)

Episode 4 (11/21)

Episode 5 (11/28)

Episode 6 (12/05)

Episode 7 (12/12)

Episode 8 (12/19)

Final Phase

The original idea of the concept was a tournament featured a mix of male, female, and mini estrella wrestlers. On December 11, the promotion announced they will split the tournament into two divisions, looking to crown a male, and a female winner. Keyra, Taya Valkyrie, and Vanilla Vargas were placed into de women's final, while a brunch a male wrestlers were announced to wrestle in order to get a spot in the finals.

Women's Division

This match took place on December 12 at Pinche Gringo Barbecue, Mexico City. The match aired during live broadcast of Episode 7.

Men's Division

TThis match took place on December 19 at Pinche Gringo Barbecue, Mexico City. The match aired during live broadcast of Episode 8.

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Golden Magic Psycho Clown 03:11
Psycho Clown Killer Kross 05:09
Pentagón Jr. Killer Kross 05:54
Killer Kross Laredo Kid 08:07
Laredo Kid won the cibernetico