Ultramán Jr.

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Ultramán Jr..
Ultramán Jr..
Name Ultramán Jr..
Real name
Name history
Family Ultraman (father)
Maestro(s) Franco Colombo, Ultraman, Abismo Negro, Virus
Birth date, location June 13, ??- Distrito Federal
Obituary date
Debut, location September 16, ??- Puebla
Lost mask to
Height 176 cm/5'9"
Weight 88 kgs/194 lbs
Signature moves Moonsault Plancha

Second version of this character; Starman was the first, until the original Ultraman took the name away. Mostly has spent his career on the independent scene. He also spent about a year in AAA (Feb 2006 - March 2007, all but the first couple months off TV) and a very short stint in CMLL in 2009.


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