UWA World Featherweight Championship

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Current Champion

Championship is presumed inactive.

History of Championship

Champions Listing

# Champion(s) Defeated Date Location
tournament to decide initial champion
1 Pequeño Solín Lasser 1983.04.30 Apatlaco
championship vacant at some point in 1984 when Solin can no longer make the weight limit
tournament to decide initial champion
2 Romano Garcia Lasser 1987.10.17 Apatlaco
1 Sinday 1988.02.14 Arena Zapata
2 Babe Casas 1988.03.02 Arena Naucalpan [1]
3 Pantera I ?.??.?? unknown
4 Pantera I ?.??.?? unknown
3 Flama Dorado II Romano Garcia 1988.08.13 Apatlaco
4 Rodolfo Ruiz Flama Dorado II 1990.02.24 Arena Xochimilco
1 Pantera I ?.??.?? unknown
2 Pantera I ?.??.?? unknown
5 Super Archie Rodolfo Ruiz 1991.01.13 Arena Azteca, Mexico City
6 Bird Boy I Super Archie 1991.07.27 Arena Apatlaco
1 Rey Guerrero 1991.12.15 Arena Azteca DF
2 Coralillo 1992.07.19 Arena San Lorenzo [2]
7 Coralillo Bird Boy I 1992.08.25 Arena Ecatepec
1 El Suspenso 1992.09.08 Arena Ecatepec
2 Bárbaro 1994.12.25 Arena San Juan [3]
championship presumed inactive
title change
successful title defense
championship matches which were announced, but results were not found


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  2. Lucha Libre Weekly 22
  3. luchadb

Gallery of Champions

Pequeno Solin, 1st Champion
Romano Garcia, 2nd Champion
Coralillo, 7th Champion


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