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El Trio Fantasia was created in 1984 for Pavillion Azteca. Moises Zarate and Mr. Del Haro of Pavillion Azteca had created the Super Muneco character and wanted to create a child friendly trio. The original Trio Fantasia was composed of Super Muneco, Super Raton and Tigre de Bengala. The original version was not very successful and Tigre de Bengala was later replaced by Dardo Aguilar. This version of the trio did not last, but in 1986, Super Pinocho joined the trio. This version of the trio saw major success and became lucha libre legends

The first version of El Trio Fantasia was:

The second version of El Trio Fantasia was:

The most famous and well-known version of El Trio Fantasia was:


w/Coliseo 2000 and the masks of the Ninja Turtles
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