The Ibarra Family

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This is the Ibarra family. A wrestling family in Mexico.


The first generation members are Super Parka, Johnny Ibarra, Desalmado and King Balam. The second generation members are L.A. Park, El Hijo Del Cien Caras and Volador Jr.. The third generation members are Flyer, whose father is unknown but it is known he is a nephew of Volador Jr. and the grandson of Super Parka. Hijo de LA Park is the son of L.A. Park and has also been known as Black Spirit.

1st Gen Non-wrestler father Super Parka Johnny Ibarra Desalmado King Balam
2nd Gen L.A. Park El Hijo Del Cien Caras Father Unknown Volador Jr.
3rd Gen Hijo de LA Park
aka Black Spirit
LA Park Jr. Flyer

Other Members

Hijo de Volador is the son in law of Super Parka

Gemelo Muerte I, Gemelo Muerte II and Extreme Boy (Monterrey) consider Super Parka, L.A. Park and other 1st and 2nd gen members their uncles, however the exact relationship is currently unknown.

Desalmado Ibarra Jr. may also be related.