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Name Golpeador
Real name Fernando Cornejo Camarena
Name history Tarasco III (2/10/87-?), Golpeador
Family Enrique Camarena, Miguel Camarena (uncles), Ram El Carnero, Dragon Bane (Sons)
Maestro(s) Rafael Garcia, Monarca Azul
Birth date, location May 31, 1971- Pachua
Obituary date
Debut, location 1982
Lost mask to El Pantera - June 24, 1990 - Arena San Bartolo, Mexico State; Golden Magic - November 1, 2015 - Arena Naucalpan
Height 175 cm/5' 9"
Weight 95 kg/209 lb
Signature moves
Titles: Naucalpan Middleweight Championship, Distrito Federal Trios Championship (w/Tarasco I & Tarasco II), Pachuca Middleweight Championship, Toluca Middleweight Championship, Poza Rica Middleweight Championship, Mexico State Tag Team Championship (w/?), Morelos Light Heavyweight Championship


Arena Naucalpan regular in the early 90s who later appeared in Arena Aficion. He returned to Arena Naucalpan in 2015.

Mask Match Controversy @ IWRG

In 2015 edition of Castillo Del Terror, both Golpeador and Golden Magic were the final two and climbing out of the ring on the same side to end the match. They fought each other for a long moment while standing on the little bit of the apron that extended past the end of the cage. Golepador swung around 180 degrees to sort of clothesline Golden Magic. Golepador slipped and fell in the process, pulling Golden Magic off the cage as he hit the floor.

Two things were immediately clear. The first was Golepador landed on the floor first, which meant Golden Magic was the loser and should unmask by the rules of the IWRG cage matches. The second was Golden Magic, the young star of the promotion, was definitely not supposed to have lost his mask. Referee Reyes Rosas stuck immediately with the planned finish, awarding the winner to Golden Magic. The crowd reactively loudly negative, chanting fraud at Golden Magic and the outcome. Golepador unmasked anyway.

Both the local Mexican State lucha libre commission and IWRG used the story that all referee decisions were final, even if they were not correct. IWRG also claimed they only put together the matches but do not claim an outcome, a claim that was not taken seriously. Golepador himself seemed to suffer no repercussions for the finish going awry and his sons would become regulars for IWRG in future years. Golden Magic continued to receive a negative reaction from the Naucalpan fans for the following years.

Lucha de Apuestas Record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
1990/06/24 mask El Pantera Tarasco III Arena San Bartolo - Mexico City
? hair Golpeador Bello Greco (Naucalpan) ?
? hair Golpeador Ranflex ?
? hair Golpeador El Toluco ?
? hair Golpeador Gato Blanco ?
? mask Golpeador Pantera III (Naucalpan) ?
? mask Golpeador Gato Blanco ?
? mask Golpeador El Faisan ?
? mask Golpeador Ranger ?
? mask Golpeador Ranflex ?
15/11/01 mask (1) Golden Magic Golpeador Arena Naucalpan - Naucalpan, Mexico State
(1) El Castillo del Terror, 2015 w/Astro, Canis Lupus, Hijo del Pantera, Rafy, Rayan, Super Nova, Trauma I and Trauma II.


Tarasco III
Tarasco III
Golpeador Bio
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Tarasco III