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Name TJP
Real name Ted James Perkins
Nicknames Technical Lightning, Mega, Public Enemy, Fil-Am Flash
Name history Pinoy Boy, Havana Pitbull III, Havana Brother Puma Kid (CMLL), Cobra II, Puma, TJ Perkins, J.T. Quinn (WWE), El Bombero (Lucha Va Voom), TJP, Sydistiko (I) (LLUSA 2010), Suicide (IV) (TNA 2013), Manik (TNA 2013 - 2016)
Maestro(s) Kevin Quinn, Bill Anderson, Jesse Hernandez, Antonio Inoki, Negro Casas
Birth date, location September 3, 1984
Obituary date
Debut, location January ?, 2000
Lost mask to
Height 5'7" (1.70m)
Weight 172 lbs (78kg)
Signature moves Figure Four Deathlock, Skull Crusher, Senton, Puma Suplex, 520° Tornado DDT, Spin Kick, 450 Splash, Facewash, Detonation Kick
Titles: APW World Internet Championship, UIWA Lightweight Championship, WWE Cruiserweight Champion


TJP had a short run in CMLL in 2003 as Pinoy Boy, working mostly multiman tags. His highlight was an appearance in a Torneo Cibernetico for the CMLL World Super Lightweight Championship. After a few sporadic appearances in Mexico - including at Impact Wrestling's tapings there - he had another run in CMLL between October-November 2021, including a failed shot at the NWA World Historic Welterweight Championship.

Regarding Suicide/Manik

TJP is so far the only person to take the Suicide/Manik gimmick to Mexico, but several talents with lucha history have held the mask in its promotion of origin, TNA.

  • The original Suicide was meant to be Frankie Kazarian, but he got injured shortly after his run began.
  • As a result, Christopher Daniels took up the mask. When Kazarian was ready to return, they started to run a story where Suicide's opponent suspected that Daniels was the true identity, so they could show Daniels and Suicide (Kazarian) on screen together at once.
  • The third Suicide was Kiyoshi who had it for the end of his TNA run in 2010. After that, Daniels had a brief run with the mask again, after contractual obligations prevented him from appearing in TNA as himself.
  • Suicide made his return, now with TJP playing the character. He was the one who went to Mexico, after the gimmick's name was changed to Manik, though he used the same Suicide mask. From 2016, Manik gained a different, blue mask. During 2020, TJP returned to TNA and exploited the Manik identity multiple times: once where he teamed with the current Suicide as Manik, and another when TJP was banned from getting a title shot, but Manik was not.
  • Austin Aries stole the Suicide mask to claim a title shot in 2013.
  • In 2016 Jonathan Gresham portrayed Suicide as a one-off.
  • During the character's 2017-19 and 2020-22 runs, he was portrayed by Caleb Konley.
  • There was apparently a brief period where Zachary Wentz was the man behind the mask in the interim, but it's unclear when.


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