Southern Mexico Regional Championship

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The Southern Mexico Regional Championship is a professional wrestling championship promoting and defending around Puebla. In recent years, the title has been brought to Mexico City.

Current Champion

El Brazo Jr. is the current champion. He defeated Dr. Cerebro and Guerrero WMC on August 29, 2015 at Deportivo Joaquín Capilla in Mexico City to win the title.

Champions Listing

# Champion(s) Defeated Date Location
Championship history unknown prior this point
- Brazo de Platino Jr. ? 2011.??.?? Unknown
- El Hijo de Fishman Brazo de Platino Jr., El Brazo Jr. & Kaving[1] 2012.11.03 Arena Juquilita - Puebla, Puebla
1 Hijo de Rey Misterio II 2013.02.16 Grand Plaza El Mesias - Elgin, Illinois
- El Brazo Jr. El Hijo de Fishman 2013.12.07 Arena Juquilita - Puebla, Puebla
1 Gran Guerrero 2014.04.27 Deportivo Villa Coapa Del SME - Mexico City
2 Apocalipsis, Magnifico & Kortiz 2014.08.10 Deportivo Villa Coapa Del SME - Mexico City
3 Dragosth 2015.03.14 Club La Mina - Huehuetoca, Mexico State
- Dr. Cerebro El Brazo Jr. 2015.04.18 Gimnasio Hercules - Mexico City
- El Brazo Jr. [2] Dr. Cerebro & Guerrero WMC[2] 2015.08.29 Deportivo Joaquín Capilla - Mexico City
title change
successful title defense
championship matches which were announced, but results were not found


  1. Brazo de Platino Jr. bet his title against the masks of El Brazo Jr., El Hijo de Fishman, and Kaving.
  2. Dr. Cerebro bet his title against El Brazo Jr.'s mask and Guerrero WMC's hair.

Gallery of Champions

Dr. Cerebro, Champion