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Name Okumura
Real name Shigeo Okumura
Nicknames "El Tifón de Osaka"
Name history Bruiser Okumura, Shigeo Okumura, Okumura
Maestro(s) Masanobu Kurisu, El Satanico, Franco Colombo
Birth date, location May 25, 1972 - Ikeda City, Osaka, Japan
Obituary date
Debut, location December 31, 1993
Lost mask to
Height 183 cm/6' 0"
Weight 108 kg/238 lb
Signature moves Exploder, German Suplex, Brainbuster, Michinoku Driver, Missile Dropkick, DDT, British Fall, Okumura Especial, Dragon Suplex
Titles: CAWF Tag Team Championship (w/Nobutaka Araya), CCW Heavyweight Championship, ONITA Six Men Tag Team Championship (w/Atsushi Onita & Mitsunobu Kikuzawa), CMLL World Trios Championship (w/Taichi & Hiroshi Tanahashi), Occidente Light Heavyweight Championship, Arena Coliseo Tag Team Championship (w/Namajague), CWE World Championship

Originally an AJPW trainee. Came to Mexico around 2004, as an early match/midcard rudo who would team with whomever Japanese wrestlers were in Mexico on an excursion. Okumura's position on the card would change depending on who was in for him to team with; if there was no one, he'd usually be a second match on the card rudo and usual suspect when it came to losing a multi-man hair match.

CMLL moved Okumura up the card late in 2009, having him win the Gran Alternativa despite being much older and more experienced than the usual tournament entrants. Okumura also defeated Maximo in a hair match, and has stuck in a semimain position since.

Okumura plays a big role in the CMLL/NJPW alliance as a go-between, interpreter, emissary, and host. His role as partner to visiting Japanese wrestlers allows him to work as mid match Japanese to Spanish translator, and he seems to help get them used to life in Mexico. Okumura also accompanied Mistico to Japan in 2009, occasionally working opening matches but more translating in the other direction, translating for the CMLL tecnico. Also when Japanese wrestlers appear on CMLL Informa for interviews, Okumura appears as interpreter and translator.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
2004/12/05 hair (1) Negro Casas Okumura Arena Coliseo - Mexico City
2006/06/18 hair (2) Rey Bucanero Okumura Arena Coliseo - Mexico City
2009/11/15 hair Okumura Maximo Arena Mexico - Mexico City
2013/03/15 hair/mask Stuka Jr. & Rey Cometa Okumura & Namajague Arena Mexico - Mexico City
2018/09/02 hair (3) Okumura Hacha Diabólica Arena Guatemala Mexico - Guatemala
(1) Cage match with Rey Bucanero & Tarzan Boy; (2) 8 way cage match with Universo 2000, Negro Casas, Tarzan Boy, Maximo, Heavy Metal, Terrible; (3) Cuadrangular with Atlantis & Voltrón


La Fiebre Amarilla after losing the main event of Homenaje a Dos Leyendas