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DDT is any move in which the wrestler has the opponent in a front facelock/inverted headlock, and falls down or backwards to drive the opponent's head into the mat. The classic DDT is performed by putting the opponent in a front facelock and falling backwards so that the opponent is forced to dive forward onto his or her head.

Variations of DDT

Cradle DDT

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A variation where the wrestler lifts their opponent into a La Rosa before dropping them head first with a DDT. Used by Konnan and Teddy Hart

Double Underhook DDT

Instead of applying a head or facelock, the wrestler bends his opponent forward and hooks each arm behind the opponent's head. This is known as a butterfly. The wrestler then tucks the opponent's head under one of his arms, and then falls back to pull the opponent down either flat on his face, which is the more common variant, or onto the top of their head, causing them to roll over, like in a regular DDT. It is also known as a double arm DDT or a butterfly DDT. The face-first variant is technically known as an implant double underhook DDT. Modified versions exist, such as a lifting version, a variation where the attacker applies bodyscissors prior to executing the move, or simply using a single underhook instead of a double underhook. Another variation is the snap version.

Flip DDT

Similar to the Canadian Destroyer but is a DDT. A wrestler runs into the ropes and flips over their opponent but wraps their head in their arm and uses gravity to bring the opponent down on their head or face. Popularized in Mexico by Drago.

Reverse DDT

A wrestler applies an inverted facelock. The wrestler then falls backwards or falls onto his/her stomach to slam the opponent's head into the mat. A snap version also exists, in which the wrestler swings their leg for momentum as they slam the opponent's head into the mat.

Tornado DDT

The tornado DDT is also referred to as a swinging/spinning DDT. A wrestler goes to the top rope and applies a front facelock to an opponent from an elevated position (for example, sitting on the top turnbuckle against an opponent standing on the mat, or from the apron against an opponent standing on the ground). The wrestler then jumps forward and swings around to fall backwards and drop the opponent's head into the mat.