Ruleta de la Muerte, 1992

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A one night losers advance tournament held December 20, 1992 at Arena Mexico. It was the final Arena Mexico show of the year. Attendance was estimated at 200.

A battle royal determined seeding.

Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Final
 Black Magic W  
 Troglodita      Troglodita  
 Triton W    Cro-Magnon W[1]    
 Cro-Magnon        Troglodita  
 Popitekus W        Mano Negra W  
 El Brazo      El Brazo W
 Kahoz W    Mano Negra      
 Mano Negra        Troglodita
 Pirata Morgan W        Brazo de Oro W
 Brazo de Oro      Brazo de Oro  
 Lazertron W    Satanico W  
 Satanico        Ringo Mendoza W
 Filoso W        Brazo de Oro  
 Ringo Mendoza      Ringo Mendoza
 Felino W    Oro COR  

  1. the two brothers refused to fight. Commission gave the win to Cro Magnon

Source: Lucha Libre Weekly 42, 44