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There are multiple wrestlers who have used the name "Rio Bravo":

Rio Bravo - This Rio Bravo wrestled in the 80's.

Rio Bravo - This wrestler used the "Rio Bravo" name starting in 2004. He's since sad he was given the name and identity by local AAA promoter Francisco Cantu, but claims he owns the rights to the name. [1] Rio Bravo used this name in AAA during 2009, but wanted to leave due to the lack of work and other issues.

Rio Bravo - When the original Rio Bravo officially quit, Cantu remedied the situation by sending another Rio Bravo (AAA) to AAA in his place. The original has gone to the commission to protest his name being taken by someone else. Cantu and AAA have made no public comment, but AAA stopped using either one and they've both just worked regional Nuevo Laredo shows since.