Relevos australianos

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Relevos Australianos features two three-person teams (trios) facing off under captain's rules. It's the most well known type of lucha libre matches, and the standard match over the last twenty years.


  • Each team has one captain, who is announced as such before the match.
  • To win a fall, a team must either defeat the opposition captain (by pinfall, submission, or countout) or instead defeat all the opposition non-captains.
    • A disqualification by any member of the team immediately ends the fall, regardless of who is captain.

The 2001 Regulations of Box y Lucha Libre describe Relevos Australianos as:

Es un encuentro de tres contra tres, lucha solo uno

por cada equipo, mientras los compañeros están fuera del ring, se puede relevar las veces que lo crean conveniente, tocándose la palma de la mano sobre la cuerda de su

esquina, ganarán aquellos que logren eliminar a dos de ellos o al capitán del bando.

In Practice

While not specifically a rule of Relevos Australianos, these matches follow standard lucha libre practice of physical tags only being optional. Once a team member has left the ring, any one on his team can immediately replace him. Also, referees are typically very lenient on allowing multiple luchadors in the ring at once.

Relevos Australianos are often, but not always, best of three fall matches.