Pedro Septién

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Pedro Septién
Pedro Septién
Name Pedro Septién
Real name Pedro Septién Orozco
Nickname El Mago, El Marqués de Querétaro
Birth date March 21, 1916 - Querétaro, Querétaro
Obituary date December 18, 2013 - Mexico City


One of the most famous Mexican sportscasters and a member of the Mexican Baseball Hall of Fame. He first called the World Series in 1939 and last called it in 2011. His most distinctive qualities were his vast vocabulary and his meticulous research.

In wrestling, he was the voice of wrestling when it first appeared on television on the 1950s. Wrestling ended up banned from Mexico City television after only a few years, but, some thirty years later, when announcers were needed for Pavillón Azteca broadcasts and for Galavisión's transmissions of the EMLL Friday night shows, Septién resumed calling wrestling action. He started to get phased out of a prominent role shortly after wrestling began airing in Mexico City again. By then in his mid-70s, he went from calling entire falls to brief analysis between falls.