Nuevo Leon Tag Team Tournament, 2010

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A three-week tournament held by Lucha Libre Regia (LLR) in Terraza Elma in order to fill the vacant Nuevo Leon Tag Team Championship. All teams were announced by Lucha Libre Regia on Fotolog, it's unclear if all they actually took part of the tournament. The first round, second round, and Block B-semifinal match-ups are unknown.


Block A

Block B


Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Final
          March 7, 2010
         Golden Boy & Símbolo W  
         Sangre Negra & Virtual X  
          March 21, 2010
         Golden Boy & Símbolo W
         Ben Hur & Maldito [1]
        March 14, 2010
         Gavilán Negro & Maldito W
  1. Ben Hur replaced Gavilán Negro, who suffered an ankle injury and was unable to wrestle.