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Name Nahuel
Real name Roberto Sebastián Pinol Aguilar
Nicknames "El Sicópata"
Name history Thanatos (debut), Nahuel (2004 -), Disco Funk (2008), Súper Chile (2008), El Ninja (2008)
Family Arkano (brother)
Maestro(s) Al-Cold, Ciclón, El Ángel Blanco, Nightmare, Paul Slandering
Birth date, location November 27, 1980 - Santiago, Metropolitan Region, Chile
Obituary date
Debut, location October 28, 2004 - NSF/FULL (8-Man Ruleta Rusa)
Lost mask to
Height 170 cms/5'7"
Weight 78 kg/172 lbs
Signature moves Crucifix Powerbomb, Merken, R.E.W, Tiger Suplex
Titles: NSF/FULL Absoluto Title (2), NSF/FULL Tag Team Titles (2, 1 w/Ciclón, 1 w/Axl Ray)


Chilean pro wrestler who debuted as "Thanatos". Only used this name in his debut and inmediatly changed the name to "Nahuel". During 2008 FullMania Tour of NSF/FULL, Nahuel wrestled three times in 1 night, in first match fight as masked wrestler named Súper Chile, after as Nahuel and in Semi Final Match of the event as "Disco Funk". Nahuel wrestled three times because others wrestlers did not show to wrestle. Also, Nahuel is a mixed martial artist, where he is specialist in American Kenpo, Kickboxing and Taekwondo.


in 2010
w/MMA attire

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