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The Millenials were a Japanese unit in Dragon Gate. The unit consists in wrestlers who have born in 1990 or after. Eita, T-Hawk, and U-T formed the group in mid-2013 during their stay in Mexico with heavy ties to their time in IWRG and DTU. In July the group announced through a video published by Dragon Gate on YouTube their return to Japan. In another video uploaded two weeks later the group introduced an unknown masked luchador by the name of Falcon Magic. In late August, the unit returned to Japan.

The group instantly clashed with similar aged Kotoka who debuted a year before any other of his age cohort would debut. Kotoka was given a similar name and look to long-time Toryumon Japan and Dragon Gate Ace CIMA and sided with the Veteran Army, a group of older wrestlers on the Dragon Gate roster to feud with the Millenials.

In October 2013 Mexican luchadors Flamita and Rocky Lobo were added to the stable based on their time spent in DTU. In the debut match of Flamita and Rocky Lobo in Japan, they along T-Hawk defeated CIMA, Gamma, and Yosuke Watanabe. At the end of match, Yosuke Watanabe asked the Millenials a chance for entry in the group, which was accepted by T-Hawk and the other members. So, when Yosuke Watanabe was added, he changed his ring-name to Yosuke Santa Maria adopting an exotico gimmick (continuing the ties to lucha libre.) Rocky Lobo would wrestle with Dragon Gate until the end of his tour in December 2013. Flamita however would continue to tour off and on with Dragon Gate as a Millenial.

In 2015 Flamita abandoned the group and returned to Mexico following a controversial finish to his Open The Brave Gate match at Final Gate 2014 with Mad Blankey's Punch Tominaga, long-time rival and the former CIBA Kotoka and Dragon Gate rookie Yuga Hayashi joined the group during a four on five all out war with Mad Blankey at the January Kouraken Hall show. Hayashi joined adopting El Lindaman as his new ringname while Kotoka kept his name but change from katakana to romanji.

Later in 2015 the Millenials faced Mad Blankey and The Jimmyz in a three way loser disbands match where the Millenials lost. Eita and Kotoka blamed T-Hawk for the lost and turned against him.

Former Members

  • Eita (founder member)
  • T-Hawk (founder member)
  • U-T (founder member)
  • Falcon Magic (announced as a member in August 2013 but never formally debuted)
  • Flamita (since October 2013 but abandoned the group in December 2014)
  • Rocky Lobo (since October 2013 but never returned to tour with Dragon Gate after December 2013)
  • Yosuke Santa Maria (since October 2013)
  • Kotoka (since January 2015)
  • El Lindaman (since January 2015)

EitaFlamitaRocky LoboT-HawkU-TYosuke Santa Maria