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Los Piratas was created in 2006 as a stable in IWRG called Los Jinetes del Apocalipsis. In 2007 they became as opening match stable for AAA called Los Piratas. It was started with Pirata Morgan Jr., Kaleth and Drake Morgan. In mid 2007, Drake Morgan was renamed Hijo de Pirata Morgan. Pirata Morgan is often added into the team for Atomico matches and is billed as the father of Drake, Hijo and Barba while being the blood father of Jr.

In October of 2008, Barba Roja and Pirata Morgan Jr left/were let go from AAA, but continued teaming on the independent scene. Hijo de Pirata Morgan was the only 'son' of Pirata Morgan left in AAA for a few months before himself leaving/getting let go from AAA.

Those that had left started working in IWRG, and were eventually joined by the the other Piratas after they too left AAA. Los Piratas often turn up on notable Mexico City area indy shows, most notably Perro Aguayo Jr.'s Perro Del Mal promotion.

By 2011 both Barba Roja and Pirata Morgan Jr. stopped wrestling. It was assumed that Pirata Morgan Jr. was retiring from the ring. By late 2011, both Barba Roja and Pirata Morgan Jr. started appearing in IWRG again on a part-time basis. They have filled in as members of Los Piratas.