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After the results of Triple Mania, that left the Foreign Legion in disarray, Kenzo Suzuki announced he was planning on creating his own group, comprised of Japanese luchadores. In July of 2009 along with fellow rudo Oriental & the debuting Sugi San, Suzuki formed the new rudo group La Yakuza.

The group went into flux when Oriental left AAA in September of 2009. AAA's website teased many possible replacements, then announced Go Shiozaki from Pro Wrestling NOAH as the new third member. Shiozaki wrestled only one match as part of the trio before returning to Japan. Sugi soon after left the group as well, having previously suffered a knee injury that had proved impossible to work on.

Sugi is not expected back until at least spring of 2010, leaving Kenzo back on his own. While the group may reform with yet another third at that time, it seems to be inactive at the moment.

Original Members: