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Former Members


The group was created in AAA in 2008 when Joe Lider turned on the Mexican Powers and brought in Nicho El MIllionario when he turned on AAA's other group "Extrema" La Familia de Tijuana. La Hermandad is also called La Hermandad 187. They have had two different gimmicks through their run. At first they were degenerates but now it is seemed like they are paid hitmen with ties to Konnan's Legion.

La Hermandad brought in "El Mosco de Merced" X-Fly to round out the group, because of his reputation as being a Luchador Extrema. X-Fly only got to make a few appearances, as the Hermandad's feuds began to revolve around AAA World Tag Team Championship and a trios partner was no longer needed. X-Fly never officially left the group, but they just stopped mentioned him after being off TV for a while.

After Konnan debuted La Sociedad, Konnan no longer needed La Hermadad's services and turned on them. La Hermadad became tecnico fighting for AAA rather than being hitmen against AAA.

In 2011 Nicho turned on Lider and broke up Hermandad.