La Dinastía Hernandez

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The Hernández Dinasty is a wrestling family from Mexicali. Caudillo II was the patriarch of the family, his Legacy extends to the fourth generation. His sons Príncipe Negro, Caudillo Jr., and Hormiga Atómica continued with his legacy. Together they were known as Los Hermanos Caudillos. Príncipe Negro's sons Príncipe Negro and Rey Negro followed his father's footsteps. They teamed up with his father forming El Imperio Negro. Thunder Boy is also part of the third generation as well. Since 2016 Deja Vu and Prinxipe belong to the fourth generation. In law family members include Caudillo II (90s). Princesa Hernández is the first luchadora in the family and she is part of the third generation, her debut was on 2017.

Family Members

First Generation

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Second Generation

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Third Generation

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Fourth Generation

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Caudillo I and sons
Los Hermanos Caudillos
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Thunder Boy, Príncipe Negro & Caudillo Jr
Caudillo Jr & Caudillo II

Imperio Negro
Prinxipe & Deja Vu
Princesa Hernández, the first luchadora in the family
father and daughter

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