La Dinastía Diablos

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The Diablos Dynasty or Clan Diablos is a large wrestling family from Saltillo, Coahuila. Green Demon I is the patriarch of this family, followed by his siblings. He was the first who donned a mask and wrestling gear. This wrestling family is comprised of more than 15 family members. The name of Los Hermanos Diablo began on 1997 when Latino and Chavo Lomeli were a tag team compared with Los Gemelos Diablo. Sometime later Green Demon I joined. Green Demon II, Paty Rey, and Lady Star are part of the first generation as well. After them a second generation surgued with Maligna, Angel del Infierno, Sangre Latina, Tormento Negro, Guerrero Latino, Magnifica, America Star, Latino Jr., Krator Jr., Devil Boy.

Family Members

First Generation

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Second Generation

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Los Hermanos Diablo
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