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Name Homicide
Real name Nelson Rodriguez Erazo
Nicknames The Notorious 187, The Latin Thug, The Strong Style Thug, The Urban Legend, JAPW Icon, The BDC Enforcer (in TNA)
Name history Latin Terror (93-95), Homicide (1995-current)
Maestro(s) Manny Fernandez
Birth date, location March 20, 1977
Obituary date
Debut, location March 5, 1993
Lost mask to
Height 5'10"/178cms
Weight 205lbs/93kgs
Signature moves Bronx Bomber 27, Cop Killa/Gringo Killa, Double Stomp, Exploder Suplex, Frog Splash, Kimura, Gringo Cutter, Gringo Stunner, West Brooklyn Lariat, Ringuina, STF, Tope con Giro
Titles: JAPW Heavyweight, BJPW Junior heavyweight, ROH World Heavyweight, NWA Wildside Tag (w/Rainman), PWG Tag w/(B-Boy), NWA World Tag (w/Hernandez), TNA World Tag (w/Hernandez)


Worked AAA's Verano de Escandalo show in 2006 as part of Team TNA and the Masked Mania event.