Harley Race

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Harley Race
Harley Race
Name Harley Race
Real name Harley Race
Nicknames The King of Professional Wrestling, "Handsome" Harley Race
Name history Jack Long (debut - ??), Harley Race (?? - retirement)
Family none
Maestro(s) Stanislaus & Wladek Zbyszko, Buddy Killer Austin, Ray Gordon
Birth date, location April 11, 1943 - St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Obituary date August 1, 2019
Debut, location 1960 - Hollywood, California
Lost mask to
Height 6'1"/185 cms
Weight 253 lbs/115 kg
Signature moves Diving Headbutt, Piledriver, Belly-to-belly suplex, Bombs Away Kneedrop, Fisherman's Suplex
Titles: Southern Tag Team Titles (as Jack Long w/ John Long), AWA World Tag Team Titles (4, w/ Larry Hennig 3 times, w/ Chris Markoff), Australia: IWA Word Tag Team Titles (w/ Larry Hennig), NWA Central States Heavyweight Title (8), NWA Missouri States Heavyweight Title (7), NWA North American/Central States Tag Team Titles (w/ Roger Kirby), NWA World Heavyweight Title (8), Calgary Stampede: North American Heavyweight Title, NWA Georgia Heavyweight Title, NWA United States Heavyweight Title, NWA Southern Heavyweight Title, NWA Florida Tag Team Titles (3, w/ Roger Kirby twice, w/ Bob Roop), Atlanta: Champion of Champions Cup, Indianapolis: WWA World Heavyweight Title, All Japan: NWA United National Heavyweight Title, All Japan: PWF Heavyweight Title, New Zealand: All Asian Title, NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Title, WWF King of The Ring, WWC Caribbean Heavyweight Title
Wrestling Observer Hall Of Fame Member