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Other modern luchadors have used the name Frankenstein, usually dressing as the movie character


Name Frankenstein
Real name Nothanael Evaristo León Moreno (according to his family, it's Nothanael and not Nathanael)
Nicknames none
Name history Rudy León (debut - ??), Araña Negra, Frankenstein (52 - death)
Family none
Maestro(s) Raúl Romero
Birth date, location October 26, 1915 - Veracruz, Veracruz
Obituary date September 12, 2001 - Mexico City
Debut, location June 1942
Lost mask to
Height 175 cm/5' 9"
Weight 75 kg/165 lb
Signature moves
Titles: none


"Frankenstein" was Nothanael León (full name Nothanael Evaristo León Moreno) and will be better known to many of us as "the bald guy that appeared in the Santo and Capulina movies".

Nothanael León was born on October 26, 1915 in Veracruz, Veracruz. As a wrestler he was one of the bunch. He gained national exposure wrestling for EMLL's big arenas in the 50s, but he never had long runs on top or big drawing periods. However his dark presence made him get many roles in movies, including many non-lucha movies.

Nothanael joined legendary "Profesor" Raúl Romero's gym in 1940 and trained for two years, until he made his pro debut on June 1942 as Rudy León wrestled a masked man called El Ángel. He started out as a técnico but soon turned rudo. After that, he wrestled as the masked Araña Negra (Black Spider), whose mask he lost at the Arena Santa Julia against Pepe Mendieta (father of Rambo).

He started to use the Frankenstein name in 1952, when he made his debut with the Televicentro company, facing Sergio Llanes. When Televicentro closed its doors because of the ban of lucha libre on TV by the Mexican government, he wrestled some at the Frontón México, traveled all over Central and South America, and returned back hometo wrestle at Arena Coliseo where in his debut he beat Rubén Juárez.

Nothanael was known as Frankenstein because of him being so tall and having such a sinister face with those scary and huge eyebrows. He played the stereotypical villain in many movies, though during his career he also showed that he could comfortably play comedy roles. Even with those looks, everybody agrees that in real life he was a humble and polite man.

His first movie was in 1957, "Los Tigres del Ring" (Tigers of the Ring) co-starring with Wolf Ruvinskis and other wrestlers like Black Shadow, Murciélago Velázquez and Lobo Negro. His complete filmography (stolen from with additions by Fernando Machado):

Notable TV guest appearances

"I Spy" (1965) playing "Heavy" in episode: "Spy Business, The" (episode # 3.24) 4/1/1968

Other than those movies, he also was an stunt man for Estudios Azteca (this is the way he got into the movie business), did theatre with Col. Haro Oliva and appeared on TV in programs like "Naranjito".

On October of 1987, the Asociacion Nacional de Actores (National Actors Alliance) gave him the "Virgina Fabregas" commemorative medal for his 25+ years of uninterrupted acting career. Back in 1959, he had joined the association as an honorific member.

He was known as an active man, however a week ago he was sent in an ambulance after he suffered a brain haemorrage. Complications arose and his heart finally stopped, dying the 12th of September. His body was given respects in the Gayoso Sullivan funerary and the 14th it was taken to the Panteón Español (Spanish Pantheon) where his body was cremated. He was survived by his wife Berta Terrazas and his son Joel León Terrazas.

May he rest in peace.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? mask Pepe Mendieta La Araña Negra unknown


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