El Legionario (original)

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El Legionario
El Legionario
Name El Legionario
Real name Jose Luis Rucobo
Nicknames El Zacatecano, El Huarachudo,
Name history Mr. Muerte (68 - 70),El Legionario, Ku Kux Klan II (90's)
Birth date, location Zacatecas
Obituary date
Debut, location
Lost mask to Flama Roja
Height 1.85 m
Weight 95 Kg
Signature moves
Titles: Americas Championship, Champion of Champions (Cd Juarez),North Tag Team Titles (w/ Flama Roja), Texas South Champion, North of Mexico Championship.


A Legendary rudo in the north of Mexico, win titles in Mexico and USA, As Ku Kux Klan II, never lost the mask

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? Mask Legionario Terremoto Cd Juarez
??/??/?? Masks Legionario & Flama Roja Centellas Verdes Cd Juarez
??/??/?? Hair Legionario Impostor Cd Juarez
??/??/?? Hairs Legionario & Flama Roja Rocky Star & Cinta de Oro Cd Juarez
1980s masks Flama Roja & El Legionario Los Comandantes Cero Ciudad Juárez
1984 mask (1) Tinieblas, Villano III & Rocky Star Flama Roja, El Legionario & Superzan Ciudad Juarez
??/??/?? Mask Flama Roja Legionario Cd Juarez
??/24/?? Mask Legionario King Kong Gimnasio Municipal, Ciudad Juárez

(1) Relevos australianos suicidas, in this match Superzan loss the mask, but it is not known who's the winner of the mask of Superzan and if it was the original Alfonso Mora or an imposter


El Legionario, Fishman, & Flama Roja as Ku Kux Klan II - 80's
1984 relevos australianos suicidas when Superzan (or an fake imposter) lossing the mask in Juarez

El Vikingo, Flama Roja and Legionario
King KongVsLegionario 20220605 125453.jpg
King KongVsLegionarioRelevosSuicidas.jpg