El Enfermero

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El Enfermero
El Enfermero
Name El Enfermero
Real name Antonio Camargo
Name history Kid Tony, Kid Navarro, El Enfermero, el Enfermero del Médico Asesino, Golden Rogers
Birth date, location May 10, 1923
Obituary date July 18th, 1989
Debut, location February 5, 1945, Guadalajara. As El Enfermero del Médico Asesino, October 5,1953,at Frontón Metropolitano
Lost mask to Huracan Ramirez - April 26, 1968 - Arena Mexico, Mexico City
Signature moves La Cruceta del Enfermero
Titles: Campeonato Welter del Distrito Federal, Campeonato Latinoamericano de parejas (c/ Dr Wagner), Campeonato de Parejas de Occidente (c/ Dr Wagner)


El Enfermero was born on May 10th, 1923. He debuted on February 5th, 1945 as "Kid Tony"(Tony coming from his name of Antonio). He was said to not be very successful early on. His luck changed in 1953 when he became "El Enfermero del Médico Asesino" and was later shortened to "El Enfermero". The nane change was due to Medico Asesino needing a partner and due to Enfermero having taken nursing classes.

He wrestled for the Televicentro promotion run by Chucho Garza which was one of the first lucha promotions on television and was a frequent partner of Medico Asesino. The two also at times teamed up with El Santo to make a trio.

He had alot of success in the 50's and 60's taking the masks of Black Killer, La Sombra Vengadora (the wrestler whose mask Rayo de Jalisco's was based off of), the original Fantasma de la Quebrada and Black Gordman, along with the hairs of Alex Romano and Humberto Garza.

He was said to have had strong rilvaries with El Santo, Dorrel Dixon and Huracan Ramirez. The rivalry with Ramirez escalated and on April 26th, 1968, the two met in a mask vs mask match where El Enfermero was defeated. He continued on though, losing his hair again to El Audaz in the 70's and grabbing another mask win against Skorvikan, who would later go on to be Jaque Mate of CMLL fame.

He was even part of the famous La Ola Blanca with Dr. Wagner and Angel Blanco, though due to his older age, he was eventually replaced by El Solitario.

He changed his ring name in the 70's and became "Golden Rogers". The character was supposed to be an American, and because of that, he often spoke English. He did not hold onto the mask of Golden Rogers for too long as in 1977, he was beaten for his mask by Brazo de Oro in some kind of stipulation trios match.

He later became an instructor at Arena Neza and a contributor to Lucha Libre magazine. He was formally hired as a trainer for EMLL on July 14th, 1989. As he was getting ready to report to work on July 18th, 1989, he died of cardiac arrest at his home in Mexico City.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? masks[1] Médico Asesino & El Enfermero El Leñador & El Estrangulador Monterrey
??/??/?? mask El Enfermero Fanfarrón El Salvador
??/??/?? hairs Médico Asesino & El Enfermero Álvaro Velasco & Al Krin Monterrey
1954 mask[2] El Enfermero Huracán Ramírez (Fernando Oses) unknown
1955 mask El Enfermero Huracán Ramírez (Carlos Castillo) unknown
1957/04/26 mask El Enfermero Black Killer Arena México
1960 mask El Enfermero Sombra Vengadora Arena Coliseo
1960/04/03[3] hair El Enfermero Humberto Garza Arena Mexico
1963/03/05 mask El Enfermero Fantasma de la Quebrada Arena México
1964/10/30 mask El Enfermero Black Gordman Arena México - Mexico City
1968/04/26 mask Huracán Ramírez El Enfermero Arena México
197?/??/?? hair El Audaz El Enfermero Arena México
1975/02/?? mask El Enfermero Skovirkan unknown
1977/??/?? mask (1) Brazo de Oro Golden Rogers Cd. Juárez, Chihuahua
(1) Oro & Santo & Huracán vs. Rogers & Atila & Saeta Azteca


lost mask in 1968
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with Dr. Wagner in 1967
as Golden Rogers
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