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Charro de Jalisco (Horseman of Jalisco)
Charro de Jalisco (Horseman of Jalisco)
Name Charro de Jalisco (Horseman of Jalisco)
Real name Rafael Huaracha López
Nicknames none
Name history Mr. Bronce (debut), Charro de Jalisco, Barba Negra (Black Beard)
Family As Charro (brother), As Charro Jr. (nephew), Charro de Jalisco II (brother in law)
Birth date, location May 17, 1955 - La Piedad, Michoacán
Obituary date
Debut, location 1980
Lost mask to The Kiss, September 5, 1982 - Arena México
Signature moves
Titles: Mexican National Cruiserweight Championship


Charro de Jalisco was born on May 17th, 1955 in Michoacan. Prior to becoming a luchador, he was said to have done very well for himself in amateur wrestling, winning international titles. His mat skills were said to have translated in-ring with him being known for his good amateur wrestling ability.

He did not want to become a luchador initially, but after injuring his clavicle, he turned to wrestling. He asked his brother As Charro to train him, but he refused.

He debuted under the name "Mr. Bronce" against Saeta Azteca at El Toreo. Later, possibly in 1980, he changed his name to "Charro de Jalisco". The name translates to "Horseman of Jalisco" and he often teamed with his more famous brother, As Charro, who had a similar gimmick. He also took up the "Barba Negra" name at some point, likely when his brother temporarily changed his name to "Barba Roja".

He did not hold onto his Charro de Jalisco mask for long. On September 5th, 1982, he competed in a 12 team double mask vs mask torneo de la muerte held by the UWA at Arena Mexico. This torneo was held to honor's Santo's last match in Arena Mexico. He was paired with El Olimpico. The team lost to America Salvaje and Dos Caras in the first round, then Riki Choshu and Solar in the second round and then Huracan Ramirez and Ringo Rigby in the third round. In the finals, they were paired against Enrique Vera and Kiss. Charro and his partner defeated Kiss and Vera with rudo style wrestling in the first fall. They continued their tactics in the 2nd fall, but Kiss ended up defeating Olimpico with a crucifix to take the fall. In the third fall, Vera submitted Charro and then submitted Olimpico as well to win, forcing Charro and Olimpico to unmask.

Little is known of what happened to Charro after he lost his mask. He made some appearances in 1983 and defeated Adorable Rubi for the Mexican National Cruiserweight Championship on October 24th, 1986, which he said was his greatest moment in-ring. He claimed to have had a 35 year career, so he likely continued on under another name.

In the 2000's, a wrestler appeared on the scene known as Charro de Jalisco Jr., though it is unknown if there is any relation.


as Barba Negra
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Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
1982/09/05 hair/mask (1) Enrique Vera & The Kiss El Olimpico & Charro de Jalisco Arena México - Mexico City
1983/04/21 hair El Monarca Charro de Jalisco Pista Arena Revolución

(1) Santo retirement ruleta de la muerte