CLL Torneo de Parejas, 2013

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Tag team tournament held by Chile Lucha Libre. The tournament began on July 14, 2013 at event No Money In The Bank. The first round matches continued on August 11 at event Especial Dia Del Niño. The semifinals and final of tournament took place at event Frightmare En Chile on September 8.


  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
   Team Sexy (Bunny & Sinner) W     Frightmare En Chile - 09/08
 La Súper Liga (Ghost & MX)    
   Team Sexy (Bunny & Sinner)    
No Money In The Bank - 07/14
   Red Rocket & Shonnen Jump W  
 Basson El Místico & Kyara  
   Red Rocket & Shonnen Jump W  
Frightmare En Chile - 09/08      Red Rocket & Shonnen Jump  
   Bajo Cero & Frightmare W
   Delacroix & Yoshua El Psicópata    
 Némesis (Factor & Yaro) W  
   Némesis (Factor & Yaro) [1]
Especial Dia Del Niño - 08/11
   Bajo Cero & Malandro/Frightmare W  
 Bajo Cero & Malandro W
   Beto Vélez & Shawn Slater       Frightmare En Chile - 09/08
  1. Malandro suffered an ankle injury and was unable to continue in the tournament. Bajo Cero announced the USA star and CHIKARA wrestler Frightmare as replacement of Malandro. Bajo Cero and Frightmare ended up winning the tournament.