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Logo used since 2010.

Chile Lucha Libre is a Chilean lucha libre promotion founded in 2006 based in Santiago. Chile Lucha Libre is the Chilean version of CHIKARA Pro Wrestling, an American wrestling promotion with inspiration in lucha libre. The CLL Wrestling Factory is the official lucha academy of CLL. Originally founded in 2006, Chile Lucha Libre was renewed in 2009 and in 2010 crowned their new champions, splitting the histories of their titles in the old version (before 2009) and the actual version (after 2009). As of 2012, CLL uses the Centro Cultural Rojas Magallanes of La Florida as their home arena.

Señor Lucha Libre winners

The Señor Lucha Libre is the major tournament held by Chile Lucha Libre every two years since 2006. The winner gets a shot for CLL Absoluto Championship.

Year Wrestler Date
2006 Ghurka December 23, 2006
2008 Maverick December 27, 2008
2010 Bunny November 13, 2010
2012 Yoshua El Psicópata September 2, 2012
2014 Condor Kid October 5, 2014

Current champions

Title Holder(s) Date won
Absoluto Sito King October 6, 2013
All Star AR Fox June 8, 2013
National Bajo Cero June 8, 2013
Tag Team Beto Vélez & Shawn Slater October 6, 2013

Current roster

Chile Lucha Libre Roster
Alessio Di RossiBajo CeroBeto VélezCasi HumanoChocmanCondor KidCripplerDelacroixEl Naco
FactorGhostGhurkaGianPaolo Di RossiJohn DragoMaffiaMalandroMaverickMr. KeytonMXNacho
Old BoyRed RocketRocka NegraShawn SlaterShonnen JumpSito KingYaroYoshua El Psicópata

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