El Hijo de Black Shadow

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Multiple wrestlers have used this gimmick and the name is often promoted as Black Shadow Jr:

  • Black Shadow Jr. I also known as El Hijo de Black Shadow, is the original who owns the rights to the gimmick since 1985.
  • Black Shadow Jr. II is the second version who worked in Arena Naucalpan shows.

Los Hermanos Shadow:

This tag team emerged during 1990s.

Other Black Shadows

  • Black Shadow Jr. (1995) claims to have the rights to use the name. He claims to be the original Black Shadow Jr. after Pequeño Solin. He is currently innactive though he is still using the name. In reality he was rejected by the Copyright while he tried to register the name.
  • Black Shadow Jr. (2000s) Claimed to have legal permission from both Black Shadow's family and Black Shadow Jr. I. He was programmed as "Black Shadow Jr. Original" and is also known as Black Shadow Jr. from Gimnasio Villalobos. He used the Black Shadow Jr. name since at least 2003. He had disputes with Black Shadow Jr. (1995) over who was the original. In reality he never met Juan José Salazar.
  • Memo Arenas went as Black Shadow at some point. Unclear which suffix used.